As a nonprofit organization, we at the Sober Living House rely on the support of our community to be able to do the work we do. One prominent form that this support often takes is partnerships with businesses and other organizations from the surrounding area.

While we owe much of our success to all of these partners, no organization has been more directly involved in the creation and development of the Sober Living House than the Foglia Family Foundation.

Founded and operated by Vince Foglia, Chairman of the Board for Sage Products, the Foglia Family Foundation has been recognized for outstanding philanthropic efforts. This includes supporting a wide array of endeavors in the fields of health, education, child welfare, hospital and hospice care, and human services.

It was the Foglia Family Foundation that we first met with to discuss the original idea for the Sober Living House. One of their employees had happened to attend the same leadership course as us in McHenry County. Part of the course included observing drug court and hearing from a judge about how sober living housing is one of the biggest needs in the recovery community.

Sensing our mutual interest in addressing this need, we arranged a meeting, found our values to coincide, and started planning. None of that would mean anything though if not for the generous financial support the Foglia Family Foundation provided us for expenses that included securing a location, renovating the building, and applying for a zoning change.

Going above and beyond, the Foglia Family Foundation yet again supported us with a second large donation when we found out the zoning commission was denying our proposal. We had to find, secure, and renovate another property all over again, but the Foglia Family Foundation continued to invest in our cause and our dream.

For that, they have our gratitude. But they aren’t the only organization that’s helped us along, and not the only partner that we’d like to recognize. Here is a brief list of some of the groups to whom we owe our thanks for being able to open our doors and do this important work. Without them, we would never have been able to establish the Sober Living House to aid the recovery community in our area. They are:

  • Howard and Geraldine Knaack Foundation
  • Sage Products
  • Three Amigas Grocery
  • Renowned Building Solutions
  • Landstar Construction Inc.
  • Jetts Heating and Air
  • ALA Architects and Planners
  • Forge Fitness
  • Marble and Granite Tech
  • Faith Acres Foundation
  • The Arising Church

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