Our Sober Living Houses are a Refuge for Recovery

If you are seeking recovery from addiction in the Chicago area, then you should consider our sober living houses. The homes are conveniently located in Crystal Lake, IL, and available to both men and women.

Read on to learn about how our houses can help you take your life in new directions!

Sober Living Houses Help You Get Back on Your Feet

So, what exactly is a sober living house? A basic definition is a living space for recovering people run by a house manager with assistance from case managers. However, New Directions Sober Living is so much more than just a living area.

Instead, our sober living houses are communities of people who work together to support each other’s recovery. The residents also enjoy meals together and attend fun events at the local sober bar, The Other Side.

In short, we’re one big happy family! It’s the perfect environment for a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

Find Unparalleled Access to Recovery Resources

Every resident at New Directions Sober Living has access to case managers who assist them with various tasks. This assistance primarily includes recovery coaching and employment support. Our case managers can also help with many other duties, including:

  • Navigating the criminal justice system
  • Paying off outstanding fines
  • Obtaining healthcare
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Applying for school

Above all, our case managers encourage residents to focus on self-improvement. By addressing their long-term needs, we help them keep going in a positive direction.

Responsibilities Hold You Accountable to Your Recovery

As a resident, you will receive a list of assignments to help you take ownership of your recovery. Furthermore, your case manager will hold you accountable for keeping these responsibilities every week.

Here are some of the things you will be responsible for:

  • Completing daily chores
  • Obtaining employment or actively pursuing work
  • Attending weekly or daily 12-step meetings
  • Following a curfew
  • Staying considerate of other residents
  • Keeping your sleeping area clean

We put these expectations in place both for your benefit and the benefit of those around you. After all, recovery is more than quitting something; it’s a total restructuring of your life. By organizing your daily routine around responsibilities, you will make it easier to break those shackles of addiction that used to bind you.

Are you interested in our sober living houses for you or someone you know? Give us a call to learn more about becoming a resident.