The 12 men that the Sober Living House supports eat family meals together every night, attend 12-step meetings together and participate in various retreats, AA conferences, and fellowship activities


Access to 12-step meetings, employment services, and help obtaining healthcare, navigating the criminal justice system, paying outstanding fines, and getting a driver’s license back.


Public transit is easily accessible for transportation, outings to the sober bar called The Other Side make it easier to maintain a social life and case managers help navigate various day-to-day problems.

Sober Living Where You Can Rest, Recover, and Grow

“There’s no place like home.” You hear that phrase everywhere because it speaks a universal truth: no matter who you are, what you do, or how you live, you feel a deep primal need for a place to call home. More than just a spot to lay your head down for the night, home is somewhere secure and comfortable where you can recharge and take care of yourself.

For the addiction recovery community though, the need for a home is much more urgent and meaningful. When you’re radically reorganizing your life to rebuild in the wake of substance abuse and addiction, there’s nothing more important than a safe and stable environment that’s conducive to your continued recovery and growth.

That’s why it’s so unfortunate that those in recovery often don’t have a supportive home environment, or sometimes even a home at all. Especially right when you’ve just left a rehabilitation facility, you may not have anywhere to stay, or else you may face the possibility of having to return to your old home from before. An old environment brings out old habits, and a negative or unsupportive living situation can threaten your recovery and even your personal safety.

Our Sober Living House is your shelter in that time of need. More than just a place to stay, we provide a home where you can get support and plan your next move. Not only will you live in a tight-knit family of people who share your experiences, you’ll additionally have access to recovery meetings, employment counseling, help with drivers’ licenses and legal fees, and more. You can even join us for social outings including ones at The Other Side, a sober bar run by our parent organization, New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS).

So if you’re looking for a safe and constructive environment where you can focus on yourself and your recovery, then Sober Living might be the place for you. Our doors and our hearts are open, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

Are You or Someone You Know in Need of a Sober Living Environment?