Our residents do many activities together, including family meals, 12-step support meetings, retreats, and AA conferences.


We offer resources for necessities like healthcare, paying fines, reobtaining a driver’s license, and getting a job.


Our case managers have the training and experience to help you through day-to-day problems you may encounter.

Find the Support, Structure, and Resources You Need at New Directions Sober Living!

Choosing to seek recovery from addiction is a brave decision. However, for it to pay off, you need a supportive environment for your sober lifestyle. In other words, you need New Directions Sober Living.

Our organization provides substance-free housing and resources for people in recovery. It’s our mission to supply the accountability, boundaries, and tools you need to take your life in new directions!

Enjoy Support from a Tight-Knit Family

When you join one of our sober living homes, you will meet housemates who are also recovering from addiction. They will likely become some of your strongest allies in recovery as you hold each other accountable during your stay. Moreover, we’ve seen many residents develop friendships that last long after their stays have ended.

Receive Structure to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Successful recovery requires discipline and setting boundaries. At New Directions Sober Living, we set those boundaries for you so that you can enjoy the disciplines of a healthy and happy life. These boundaries include curfews and requirements for getting a job.

Find Resources to Simplify the Recovery Process

One of the biggest roadblocks to recovery is not feeling prepared to combat your addiction. Therefore, we at New Directions Sober Living strive to make as many helpful resources available to you as possible. Because of this, we can help you connect to programs for recovery, health, employment, and more.

Go Beyond New Directions Sober Living

Currently, you may feel like our sober living homes are not right for you. And that’s totally fine! After all, New Directions Sober Living is just one of the many services available to the recovery community in Crystal Lake, IL. So, right now, one of the other services may be a better fit for you.

For example, our parent organization, New Directions Addiction Recovery Services, runs two other helpful programs: The Other Side and Connect to Recovery. The former service is a sober bar for socializing and attending events, and the latter is a 24/7 help hotline. We hope you will take advantage of these services if you need them.


Are You or Someone You Know in Need of a Sober Living Environment? Contact New Directions Sober Living Today!